Session 2

Session 2 — November 27, 2019

In Attendance

Austin — Toh Yah

John Mark — Zuka

Tim — Judge


James — Neville

Katie — Haig

Patrick — Han­ni


Log — The Red Descent

June 17, 1592 — The par­ty sets out from Grig­gston, trav­el­ling along the Vic­to­ria Riv­er (Grig­gston & Envi­rons: 13.10–17.12) in search of a Kerr encamp­ment described by Toh Yah. In the late after­noon, Zuka notices strange tracks in the dirt: clear­ly human, but mov­ing in a strange man­ner. Who­ev­er made them came this far along the trail and then turned back east.

In the ear­ly evening, the par­ty arrives at the Kerr encamp­ment to find it aban­doned. There are clear signs of a strug­gle and humans, walk­ing in this strange man­ner, entered and left the encamp­ment sev­er­al times, drag­ging bod­ies away to the east. The par­ty makes camp that night, resolv­ing to fol­low the trail the next morn­ing.

June 18, 1592– The next morn­ing, the par­ty fol­lows the tracks, which soon depart­ed the trail to enter the for­est to the north. Even­tu­al­ly, the tracks enter a nat­ur­al cave at the base of a rock out­crop­ping. Care­ful­ly, the par­ty enters the cave, find­ing the air thick with a red dust.

Notic­ing a ledge above, Han­ni climbs up to dis­cov­er three things: first, a pile of red dust on the floor in the rough shape of a man. Sec­ond, a decayed chest con­tain­ing strange coins (81 gold and 110 sil­ver). Third, at the far end of the ledge, a larg­er cav­ern in which are sev­er­al dogs cov­ered in a strange, fun­gal growth.

Find­ing the dogs quite aggres­sive, the par­ty dis­patch­es one of them and chas­es two more off. They then find two more dogs lying prone under a car­pet of moist, red fibers. Decid­ing that these dogs, now rec­og­nized as belong­ing to the Kerr encamp­ment, can­not be saved, Toh Yah put them down.


65 expe­ri­ence per char­ac­ter for track­ing, dis­cov­ery, and com­bat.

15 expe­ri­ence per play­er for atten­dance.

80 expe­ri­ence per play­er total.

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