Session 3

Session 3 — December 4, 2019

In Attendance

Austin — Toh Yah

John Mark — Zuka

Tim — Judge


James — Neville

Katie — Haig

Patrick — Han­ni


Log — The Red Descent

June 18, 1592 — The par­ty dis­cov­ers a chim­ney in the cave the leads down to a deep­er por­tion of the cave sys­tem. Some­one else has already been here, as a recent­ly con­struct­ed scaf­fold sup­ports a rope.

Decid­ing that if there is any hope of find­ing the Kerr alive, it will come from explor­ing this cave, the par­ty descends.

Below, they find a twist­ing cave sys­tem and hear some signs of life. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, they dis­cov­er that the noise is com­ing from five Kerr who, like the dogs, are suf­fer­ing from some kind of mind-alter­ing fun­gal growth. The par­ty has no choice but to put them down.

At one end of this cave sys­tem, they find anoth­er chim­ney and anoth­er scaf­fold sup­port­ed rope.


75 expe­ri­ence per char­ac­ter for com­bat.

15 expe­ri­ence per play­er for atten­dance.

90 expe­ri­ence per play­er total.

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