Session 4

Session 4 — January 8, 2020

In Attendance

Austin — Toh Yah

John Mark — Zuka

Tim — Judge


Katie — Haig

Patrick — Han­ni


Log — The Red Descent

June 18, 1592 — Explor­ing the rest of the sec­ond lev­el of the cave sys­tem, the par­ty is hor­ri­fied to dis­cov­er five humans, Kerr from the encamp­ment, uncon­scious, cov­ered by red fun­gal fibers. Toh Yah is able to deter­mine that it might be that this fun­gal growth can be defeat­ed through des­ic­ca­tion and lib­er­al appli­ca­tion of known anti-fun­gal herbs. It is decid­ed to car­ry the Kerr to the sur­face.

How­ev­er, before leav­ing this lev­el, the par­ty takes note of sev­er­al facts:

  • There are clear signs of ten oth­er humans hav­ing been kept in this cham­ber. This means that there are at like­ly at least five more infect­ed Kerr in this cave sys­tem.
  • The red spore in the air is thick­er on this lev­el and seems to be com­ing from the chim­ney going down.
  • The Kerr that attacked them on this lev­el were all elder­ly and the Kerr they recov­ered were all (oth­er­wise) healthy adults. This indi­cates that the remain­ing infect­ed Kerr will like­ly include chil­dren.

Mak­ing camp on the sur­face, the par­ty is able to locate the req­ui­site herbs and apply them to the infect­ed. At camp that night, the par­ty decides to explore the next lev­el in the cave sys­tem, ful­ly aware that it will be a dan­ger­ous ende­vor.

June 19, 1592 — The par­ty make prepa­ra­tions to explore the next lev­el of the cave sys­tem, fash­ion­ing masks to fil­ter their air. They then pro­ceed down to the third lev­el of the cave.

There they find a dis­turb­ing sight: five chil­dren, cov­ered in fun­gal growths sit in a semi-cir­cle, hum­ming. In the cen­ter of the semi-cir­cle stand two humanoids seem­ing­ly com­posed whol­ly from the fun­gal growth. Just beyond them, a mas­sive, red fun­gus grows from floor to ceil­ing, issu­ing forth bursts of the red spore.

Sur­round­ing the red fun­gus are black ampho­ra carved with a strange design, one of which lies bro­ken.

The par­ty acts quick­ly, know­ing that they can­not allow this blas­phe­mous cer­e­mo­ny to con­tin­ue. Just as they attack, how­ev­er, they are over­come by a sense of ver­ti­go and have tru­ly strange expe­ri­ence:

Almost as they though were wit­ness­ing it them­selves, they “remem­ber” trav­el­ling from the Kerr encamp­ment with their two friends, dis­cov­er­ing this cave, and explor­ing its depths. They remem­ber acci­den­tal­ly break­ing one of the ampho­ra and being enveloped in a cloud of red spores. They remem­ber trans­form­ing into the mas­sive red fun­gus, trans­form­ing into the two fun­gus-men. They remem­ber being over­come by a sense of pure joy and the real­iza­tion that they must share this joy with their fam­i­ly. They remem­ber leav­ing the cave, going to the Kerr encamp­ment, and drag­ging their fam­i­lies back to the cave, expos­ing them to the spore.

At the same time, the par­ty can hear the thoughts of the oth­ers: the infect­ed implore the par­ty to join them, to dis­cov­er the won­ders that come from the spore. The thoughts of the red fun­gus, how­ev­er, are tru­ly alien.

Unmoved, the par­ty attacks. Although even­tu­al­ly tri­umphant, the bat­tle takes a ter­ri­ble toll. Zuka’s left arm is bad­ly bro­ken. Neville’s left eye is ter­ri­bly wound­ed. Han­ni is infect­ed with the spore and Haig’s leg is mauled. It is only through Haig’s final, des­per­ate spells that the par­ty escapes death…almost. Toh Yoh, the brave Kerr guide, is slain by the vicious fun­gus men.


50 expe­ri­ence per char­ac­ter for sav­ing the Kerr.

150 expe­ri­ence per char­ac­ter for com­bat.

30 expe­ri­ence per play­er for atten­dance

30 expe­ri­ence to Austin for play­ing Neville

230 expe­ri­ence total for Katie, John Mark, and Patrick.

60 expe­ri­ence total for Austin.

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