Session 5

Session 5 — January 15, 20205

In Attendance

Austin — Pas­cal

John Mark — Zuka

Tim — Judge


James — Neville

Katie — Haig

Patrick — Han­ni


Log — Intermission

July 9, 1592 — Near­ly a month has passed. It took every­thing the par­ty had to get out of that red hell, & they left a friend behind. When they got back to the sur­face, they made camp because they had no ener­gy to do any­thing else. By morn­ing, the Kerr they res­cued began to stir and Haig was able to com­mu­ni­cate the sit­u­a­tion to them.

Lean­ing on one anoth­er, the par­ty trav­eled back to the Kerr encamp­ment and, after spend­ing a night there, on to Grig­gston. Sir Ever­rett was sur­prised and hor­ri­fied by the sight of you and the tale you had to tell. Word quick­ly spread around the set­tle­ment of the dan­gers you faced in the Red Descent. Such sto­ries of dan­ger inspire Pas­cal Guer­rero, a Cari­valian sailor for­mer­ly of the Wahla­gian navy, to join the par­ty as scout.

For their part, the Kerr you saved, though grief-strick­en, are eter­nal­ly grate­ful to you. Obah, the man, along with the women, Lir, Tama, Nin, & Kel Tah, once healed, left to trav­el east. There they will tell the rest of the Kerr of the dan­gers posed by the Red Descent.

Perd, chief­tain of the Kerr.

The par­ty, and the rest of the set­tlers, are aston­ished when, a week lat­er, the Kerr return…along with near­ly a hun­dred war­riors, advi­sors, and mem­bers of the the chief­tain’s court. At the cen­ter of this hon­or guard is the chief­tain him­self, Perd.

After meet­ing with Perd, Sir Ever­rett reports back to the set­tle­ment that the Kerr wish to express their grat­i­tude to the par­ty and their friend­ly inten­tions toward the set­tlers with a cer­e­mo­ny.

July 10, 1592 — The next night, around a roar­ing bon­fire, the Kerr present the par­ty with gifts of thanks:

  • A +1 War Axe
    • 1d8+1
    • Ver­sa­tile (1d10+1)
    • Pierc­ing
    • Deals 1 point of dam­age to oppo­nent at the begin­ning of each of that’s oppo­nents turn after a suc­cess­ful strike. This effect is cumu­la­tive and lasts until the wound is healed.
  • A suit of +1 Auroch Hide Armor
    • Three times a day, the wear­er may make a free attack against an oppo­nent imme­di­ate­ly after that oppo­nent suc­cess­ful­ly strikes the wear­er.
  • a +1 Throw­ing Club
    • 1d6+1
    • Thrown (20/60)
    • Blud­geon­ing
    • Ver­sa­tile (1d8+1)
    • Imme­di­ate­ly returns to wield­er’s hand after being thrown
  • A Pan­ther Skin Cloak
    • +1 to AC
    • Advan­tage on Wis­dom (Per­cep­tion) rolls
    • +4 to pas­sive per­cep­tion
    • Dark­vi­sion (60′)
  • A jar of Green Clay Oint­ment
    • 5 dos­es
    • Each dose heals 2d8+2 dam­age, poi­son, infec­tion, and dis­ease

To Sir Ever­rett, Perd presents a Send­ing Stone, which will allow Sir Ever­rett and Perd to com­mu­ni­cate over great dis­tances.

July 12, 1592 — In the days fol­low­ing the cer­e­mo­ny, the Kerr trade open­ly with the set­tlers. In exchange for a gift of paper and ink, Nin gives Haig an amulet that will indi­cate to all Kerr that Haig is a friend of the (or at least a) Kerr.

It is then decid­ed that the par­ty will trav­el with Perd’s hon­or guard east, to the cen­ter of Kerr ter­ri­to­ry and then beyond, to find a path all the way to the inte­ri­or moun­tains.


30 expe­ri­ence per play­er for atten­dance.


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