Session 6

Session 6 — January 23, 2020

In Attendance

Austin — Pas­cal

John Mark — Zuka

Tim — Judge


Katie — Haig

Patrick — Han­ni (Remote­ly)


Log — Intermission

July 13, 1592 — In prepa­ra­tion for the upcom­ing extend­ed expe­di­tion to the inte­ri­or moun­tains, the par­ty engages in a train­ing skir­mish with the colo­nial mili­tia.

The mili­tia (ten infantry with spears, chain shirts, and shields, five mus­ke­teers with mus­kets and breast­plates, and two vet­er­ans with pis­tols, longswords, breast­plates, and shields) arrays itself around a hill on the far side of a stream to the north of Grig­gston.

The par­ty’s goal is to seize a satchel of gold coins placed atop the hill. The mili­ti­a’s goal is to pre­vent that from occur­ring for a pre­de­ter­mined amount of time (15 rounds).

Despite ini­tial suc­cess­es in neu­tral­iz­ing the mili­ti­a’s supe­ri­or num­bers, remov­ing sev­en infantry men and one mus­ke­teer from action, the mili­tia is able to lure Haig, Han­ni, and Neville into the open by pre­sent­ing them with seem­ing­ly easy prey. This expos­es them to with­er­ing mus­ket fire from the hill­top, quick­ly felling Neville and Haig.

Though the exer­cise is con­clud­ed ear­ly due to a severe thun­der­storm sweep­ing in from the sea, it is clear that the mili­tia would have held the hill.

Of course, no seri­ous injuries are sus­tained (with the excep­tion of one unfor­tu­nate mus­ke­teer whose pow­der ignit­ed out­side the bar­rel of his mus­ket, burn­ing his face) as blunt­ed or wood­en weapons are used.

After­ward, the mili­tia con­grat­u­late the par­ty on a good show and all enjoy a round of drinks on the vet­er­ans.

Illustration: Musketeer

Colonial Militiaman — Musketeer

Note the breast­plate and arm­ing sword for close com­bat. Not all mus­ke­teers car­ry a sword, how­ev­er, as the mus­ket itself proves an effec­tive close quar­ters weapon.


75 expe­ri­ence per char­ac­ter for defeat­ing sev­en infantry­men and one mus­ke­teer, as well as suc­cess­ful­ly attain­ing the far side of the stream

30 expe­ri­ence per play­er for atten­dance

105 expe­ri­ence total for Katie, John Mark, and Patrick

30 addi­tion expe­ri­ence for Austin for play­ing Neville

135 expe­ri­ence total for Austin

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