The Junslund War

The Junslund War

The bru­tal­i­ty of a con­ti­nen­tal war.

In July of 1579, the rival­ry between Wahla­gia and Jun­slund turned into a war that shook Agenor for eleven years. The prece­dent for the war begins with the ascen­sion of King Grig­gor III in 1552 at a young age. King Pit­tir I of Jun­slund saw the pres­ence of a young, inex­pe­ri­enced monarch in Wahla­gia as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to exert dom­i­nance over trade. Jun cor­sairs were giv­en a free hand to attack, cap­ture, or sink Wahla­gian ves­sels at will.

In response, King Grig­gor III began the process of strength­en­ing Wahla­gia’s navy: fund­ing the devel­op­ment of larg­er, faster ships, con­struct­ing more pow­er­ful can­nons, and train­ing sailors and marines for com­bat.

Ten­sions mount­ed at sea over the next thir­ty years. What had begun as a trade war had become a pow­der keg, just wait­ing for a spark. The pow­der was lit when the Wahla­gian navy sunk a ship fly­ing the Jun flag, believ­ing it to be a cor­sair that was oper­at­ing in the region. In fact, it was a pas­sen­ger ship car­ry­ing the king and queen back from a state vis­it to Cari­val.

Out­raged by the mur­der of her par­ents, the new­ly crowned Queen Amal declared open war on Wahla­gia. Jun mili­tias poured over the bor­der into Wahla­gia, killing and pil­lag­ing with aban­don. Thus began a bloody con­flict in which oppos­ing armies laid waste to cities and towns as often as they engaged each oth­er.

The Jun­slund War rav­aged cen­tral Agenor and only came to an end when the Wahla­gian navy had block­ad­ed Adama while the army laid seige to the great city. Queen Amal knew all too well what a city like Adama, with near­ly a half mil­lion res­i­dents, would become in a pro­longed siege. She sued for peace, hum­bling her­self by ask­ing King Grig­gor for mer­cy and pro­tec­tion, which he grant­ed.

In the after­math of the war, both Wahla­gia and Jun­slund find them­selves exhaust­ed, their pop­u­la­tions deplet­ed, their towns and vil­lages in sham­bles. Rebuild­ing will take time.

Mean­while, the pres­ence of Wahla­gian sol­diers in every Jun city ran­kles the proud cit­i­zens of Jun­slund. Few are con­fi­dent that the peace will hold one moment longer than is nec­es­sary for both lands to catch their breath.

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