Animals, Outrage, and Conscience

animal_conscience_bannerHobyahs2smallSometimes moral outrage is appropriate. It would be strange for someone of conscience to dine with a bigot. But a vegetarian is expected to eat, work, and live with those who eat meat. Given that some vegetarians consider non-human animals to be persons, this expectation is out of step with standard views about what conscience requires.

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Torture, Rights, & Supreme Emergencies

Hobyahs2smallA right isn’t just something that’s good, something to be maximized or traded. That’s the role of an interest. The constraints on behavior that a right imposes, if it is to be significant at all, must be inviolable in a way constraints imposed by mere interests are not. But this saves the significance of rights at the cost of their existence; if the constraints imposed by rights are inviolable, then there just aren’t any rights.

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Social Opprobrium & National Sovereignty

julienblancHobyahs2smallJulien Blanc is a self-described pick-up artist, making his living giving seminars to men on how to manipulate women into having sex with them.  Let me be absolutely clear: I roundly condemn Julien Blanc’s behavior and chosen career. However…

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